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By the Sea Virtual AssistanceHello, my name is Diane Robert, seasoned Virtual Assistant, Web Developer and Founder of By the Sea Virtual Assistance.  Located on Vancouver Island, we serve clients remotely from any location. Below is a brief description of the role of a Virtual Assistant and how this cost-effective concept can directly benefit you and your business. 

Virtual Assistants have successfully served businesses online for several decades. In recent years, it gained rapid popularity amongst successful business owners. Today thousands of businesses and industries world-wide seek to hire Virtual Assistants regardless of the size or scale of their business. 

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) and how can my business benefit from hiring one?

By definition, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor who works part-time remotely from home. They provide administrative, creative and technical services to those in the business community. Businesses delegate daily tasks and/or projects to VA's who work diligently to deliver quality work on time. This leads to increased productivity and adds more free time for businesses to focus on their goals. A qualified VA has the skill set to get the job done. They are industrious with excellent organizational skills and a strong commitment to providing quality customer service. 

Hire a Virtual Assistant today.  We have the skills and know-how to get the job done!  We offer flexible terms to suit your budget. Engage a VA by the hour or choose one of our monthly plans.  Need something more structured for a longer period? Choose a part-time schedule that ensures workflow continuity and insights to maximize efficiencies.  We offer a wide range of services to owners seeking to take their business to the next level. 

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Virtual Assistance to Increase Productivity!

Administrative Tasks

Administrative Tasks

We offer a full spectrum of admin tasks backed by experience in the corporate and small business sector.

Website Development

Website Development

Whether you seek a new website or want to update your existing one, we have the skills and talent to get the job done.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Build your business through well-designed Email Marketing and Social Media posts and ads. Track your success!

Research & Data Entry

Research & Data Entry

We offer an extensive background in research assistance and data entry to fulfill your business needs.

Quality Customer Service

Customer Support

We are dedicated to delivering quality service to your customers.  Our priority is their satisfaction.   

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We specialize in designing logos, digital ads and promotional material to help grow your business. 

Content Writing

content writing

Words matter!  We specialize in content writing for your business, website and digital ads. 

Database Management

Database Management

We maintain reliable, up to date information through database management.  


Small Businesses Make a Positive Impact on Communities

Chemainus Chamber of Commerce

Chemainus is located approximately 80 kilometers north of Victoria, BC. This lovely seaside town proudly hosts beautiful outdoor murals painted by local artists.  The murals are displayed on building exteriors up and down quaint little streets in the downtown core.  Chemainus captures the love and attention of tourists and photographers from every corner of the world. 

We are a member in good standing with the Chemainus Chamber of Commerce through our parent website Robert Web Studio.  We support local business owners by offering virtual assistance to increase productivity and free up time to focus on growing their business.  Support small businesses within your community by shopping locally. This leads to job opportunities and helps boost local economy.

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